Friday, September 11, 2009


Ngaio finally has LMNO worked out in the alphabet song... but even more importantly, she's taken it upon herself to use the potty. Who said the twos were so terrible?

Knitting has become CRAZY in the last few weeks. Not that I'm really knitting MORE, I'm just finishing ALL of it. This is a nice new character trait. Finish what you start. (Let's see if it lasts!)

Mark brought home a HUGE box of prickly pear tunas and peeled them all last night. I'm thinking of stealing the frozen ones leftover from last year to dye some sock yarn. I kinda caught a plant dye bug when HPKCHC planted the seed. (that's not really much of a pun, so I'm not
going to ask for a pardon)

Anywho, I used tumeric and the results were stunning!
told ya...

I'll close with a few pictures of Ngaio's new friends... well, the snake is a regular. The lizard was a one off camping buddy. My girly girl ain't no sissy!!!

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Amber said...

Nice choice with the tummeric. It is absolutely stunning, just like you said! Love it! And your girl's friends are awesome!