Saturday, July 18, 2009


what a lovely day.

i'll mention the bad part first, just to get it out of the way.

i didn't get to go to the gym. this morning proved to be too busy. tomorrow i'm gonna go though. no excuses. even if sarah doesn't join me because she's pissed that i didn't come today. i'll show her!

moving along...

mark brought in tons of squash, so for dinner i invented this:

i didn't come up with a name, so i'll leave that to you.

two squash, chopped however.
saute in olive oil.
throw in a few chopped mushrooms. cook until it smells like mushrooms.
chunk some spinach in and let it wilt.
get fancy and shred some basil. throw it on top.
get even fancier and add nasturtium petals.

ngaio liked the mushrooms the best.

even so, i had this many squash(es?) left, with more to come tomorrow. yikes. i dropped a few off at the neighbors house...

this was dessert. it was rhubarb coffee cake. the recipe is from MaryJanesFarm Magazine, issue "Making Hay." if you are not familiar with this amazing woman, i urge you to get your shit together. she's a goddess!

our rhubarb plants are outstanding, so i'll probably come up with a few recipes to post.
notice the killer sexy hot pad?

well, thank you. i think it's awesome too. is it rude to mention that i spun the yarn? AND i knitted it? (a whopping hour knitting time)

i'm really loving what my family accomplishes. tonight it hit me a bit harder than usual.

i chopped veggies on a board my husband made out of discarded cabinet doors. most of the veggies were grown on our property, including garlic and onions that were in the chili i didn't feel like taking a picture of...
we ate outside on a picnic table that i found beside the dumpster and that mark refinished BEAUTIFULLY. our dinner music was sung by our beautiful daughter. and i cooked it all!

my green tally for the day:

i remembered my reusable bags for groceries (duh)

i composted (duh)

i did the dishes in large bowls (from baking the coffee cake) and had mark water the garden with them (a first)

i ordered stuff to make my own laundry detergent (exciting! try it!)

well hell, i know there was more. time for sleep! or knitting... yeah, i'll knit.

tomorrow: painting the hot box and sewing reusable pads! (guys, get over it!)

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