Thursday, July 16, 2009

what i've been up to... sorta

I'm not even going to try to fill in all the holes, but this should cover some of it.

I thought I would share dinner tonight. Just a little something I threw together before heading out to the gym. I'm trying!

Easy Squash Soup

Boil a pot of water (I use a HUGE pot). Throw in some boullion cubes, bay leaves, salt and pepper. Cut up two yellow squash and zucchini from your backyard, taking care to compost all the little bits that the rabbit nibbled on. Throw in a handful of quick cooking barley and a bigger handful of instant brown rice. Let it boil while you listen to the thunderstorm and sing songs with your daughter (like 45 minutes). Throw in a few squirts of Bragg's liquid aminos and stir. Turn off the heat and go to the gym. Work your legs to jelly for 30 minutes, come home. Eat.
It looks like this:

I've been doing some sewing. On Monday, my mother and I took Ngaio to Martha's Fabric. Which is totally overwhelming and inspirational. Ngaio picked this fabric.

Mom picked out these fabrics for one of Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirts. I used the leftovers to make a top for Ngaio. Pants are in limbo right now, cause I'm stupid. Also, I don't know how to rotate this pic once it's posted. Live with it.

If that wasn't enough, I've been busting out on the knitting. This is Mark's 2009 sweater. It will be an Elizabeth Zimmermann seamless sweater, just not really sure what kind of yoke yet.

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