Sunday, February 15, 2009


it's been a long time.
i kinda felt defeated in the blogging arena. no ideas. nothing really exciting to write about. it takes time that i don't have... or rather, time i'd rather use knitting. or looking at yarn porn.

it's perfectly fine to not have drama. in fact, i much prefer my quiet life and find myself shying away from my 'drama-ed' friends. ignoring calls and such. talking about them behind their backs. yes, i still act as though i'm 12.
i got some great advice from my friend shiva, after telling her i wanted to cut out a certain someone who bugs the hell out of me with her complaining. she said to use my conversations with her as an opportunitiy to be the best and wisest person i can be. when 'actress' gets going on a subject i find repulsive (happens every two seconds) then i should pull a 'what would buddha do.'

this is why i love shiva. she uses her time with me to make me a better person.
i cannot say the same of 'actress'.

if i get all buddha on your ass it means you are annoying me. either that, or i'm just practicing! paranoid? rest assured, the person i am writing about doesn't read this, so you are safe.

i've bounced around so many ideas i've had for the direction of this blog. i give up, i'll just write about whatever i need to write about. i'll try to keep it positive so you don't have to get all buddha in my face.

another goal i have is to add photos more often. guess what, it's not letting me!

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Trish said...

It is good to know others feel the same. I like your slogan. Very interesting!