Saturday, December 6, 2008


oh, my back hurts.
on monday i lifted too much weight on the new pull down machine thingy at the gym. it STILL hurts. everything is so difficult to do when your back doesn't do its job, and apparently it has a much bigger job than i previously thought.

the good part is that we've rented back episodes of Heroes and the back injury is a good excuse to sit there and watch them. the worst part of it all is the PILES of dishes that pile up cause standing and washing them is too much. the joys of not having a dishwasher (don't want one anyway)

laundry is outta control too. i need a maid.

anyway, back to heroes. i've been thinking which super power i would want. the obvious answer is claire's regeneration... but that's only a here and now thing.
i think i want to.... well hell, now that it comes to it i can't decide.
i love hiro though. his earlobes wobble when he teleports. funny. plus there is something so nice about a guy who ALWAYS smiles.

ngaio learned 'jingle bells' yesterday. she really likes the 'hey' part after 'one horse open sleigh'. she likes it so much that she screams it inbetween almost every word.

almost done with my brother's sweater. i promise to post pics, but only when HE'S in it.

peace out. lol.

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