Monday, December 8, 2008


certain words baffle me.

like 'fresh'. everyone uses that word now. i've noticed it particularly in knitting blogs and knitting magazines, but in many other places as well. makes everything seem like it's been kept in tupperware.
branching off of 'fresh' is 'refreshments'. i've never liked that word. bear with me.
as a child, fresh meant minty clean, like toothpaste. i'm sure it was the 'it' word in dental care commercials in the 80's, as it is affixed in my brain as such and i watched A LOT of tv then.
my favorite candy when i was a kid was andes mints. god, i loved the restaurants that gave you those things. also grasshopper cookies from keebler which are chocolaty and minty and yummy. the only kind of ice cream i got was mint chocolate chip (except the pink phase = strawberry.) I love mint. always have always will. ok. back to refreshments.
EVERY time a sunday school teacher or party hostess mentioned 'refreshments' my mouth would water for the upcoming chocolate/mint combination. much to my disappointment, i was given watery ass kool aid and cheap vanilla cream sandwich cookies. my two least favorite sweet things ever. nothing like childhood to fuck things up.

yeah yeah, get over it, right? lol.

which brings us to the word that inspired this blog post. 'inspire'

i don't understand this word. the mere sound of it tells of something fantastic and magical. then it is used in connection with lesser ventures. like 'those old bricks inspired me to make candlestick holders' or some mundane bullshit like that.

maybe i've just lost my muse. or maybe she just slit her wrists after high school and left me a bitter shell of an artist. left to wander the earth without a hint of romanticism left.

i finished my brother's sweater and it's too long. way too long and i'm too scared to undo the bottom and take off a few inches. wimp.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


oh, my back hurts.
on monday i lifted too much weight on the new pull down machine thingy at the gym. it STILL hurts. everything is so difficult to do when your back doesn't do its job, and apparently it has a much bigger job than i previously thought.

the good part is that we've rented back episodes of Heroes and the back injury is a good excuse to sit there and watch them. the worst part of it all is the PILES of dishes that pile up cause standing and washing them is too much. the joys of not having a dishwasher (don't want one anyway)

laundry is outta control too. i need a maid.

anyway, back to heroes. i've been thinking which super power i would want. the obvious answer is claire's regeneration... but that's only a here and now thing.
i think i want to.... well hell, now that it comes to it i can't decide.
i love hiro though. his earlobes wobble when he teleports. funny. plus there is something so nice about a guy who ALWAYS smiles.

ngaio learned 'jingle bells' yesterday. she really likes the 'hey' part after 'one horse open sleigh'. she likes it so much that she screams it inbetween almost every word.

almost done with my brother's sweater. i promise to post pics, but only when HE'S in it.

peace out. lol.