Saturday, November 22, 2008

saturday in november.

sad news first...
my mom's little puppy, Toby, died today. Apparently his little liver was bad and even if they had known in time, doing surgery on a 2lb. dog isn't the best option. so sad. he was really cute and sweet.
not sad news...
things at work changed. i am the only babysitter now. the other one was essentially lied to and told that we weren't doing babysitting anymore. the real reason was because she was late everyday, dirty, and didn't watch the kids at all. i could go on and on and on about her inadequacies, but i don't think it would be nice for my karma.

i found a new 'diet' book today. don't have it on me and too lazy to look it up but it's that bob greene guy. it's pretty nice so far.
i've given up on feeling sorry for myself because i haven't lost many pounds. instead of focusing on what hasn't happened, i'll share what has.

i now work out 5 times a week. this is a total miracle. i used to be so lazy and now i actually look forward to 'doing something'.
i eat much better. not perfectly, but i make wiser choices more often.
i've lost a ton of inches and my body fat has gone down.

no worries. if it all came off quickly it would all come right back on, right? hooray for positive lifestyle changes.

knitting... just trying to finish up christmas presents. i would like to get a sweater going for myself. something ambitious. hmmm. i'm thinking something by kate gilbert.

ok. i'm off. while i'm gone, try to find something nice that you have done lately for YOURSELF and leave it in the comments. share the love.


Jaime said...

I turned off the tv and read a whole book... well several books! I feel enlightened!

Love you!

pacasha said...

good for you!
love you too!