Sunday, November 16, 2008

asl soapbox

random thoughts from a random mind.

i got the ok from our public library to teach babysigning sometime probably in january. it may not seem like much to some, but signing has really made parenting almost easy for us.
there are so many skeptics out there regarding signing with babies, and i really can't imagine why a parent wouldn't go the distance to give their child a way to communicate and understand their world at an early age.
some say their children didn't speak as soon as they should have. how do you prove that? every child has their own timetable and you can't compare one kid to the next. plus, speech is only ONE way to communicate. how narrow minded can you be to not realize that YOUR way, the ESTABLISHED way is not the ONLY way. research shows signing DOESN'T impair speech. the key to this is TALKING with your child as you sign.
ngaio's speech was about a month behind (insignificant to me) but she could sign at 7 months (milk and more) and that's only counting what she could sign, not everything she understood. when she started speaking her vocabulary was HUGE and her pronunciation is very advanced. she uses language very creatively and now signs and speaks hundreds of words. i also noticed that she would tell 'stories' much earlier than expected too. signing gave her tools to understand what was going on and to interpret it and share it.

oh my god. i could go on and on. i'm just pissed because someone said something bad about using sign with kids. i'll get off my soap box. really.

ANYWAY! what else is new? nothing i guess. i have a ton of knitting to do. i actually don't have a whole lot that is imperative, so i'll rephrase. i have a ton of projects that i would like to do. thanks a lot, LIBRARY, for getting new knitting books finally.

this was a meaningless post. i should really just shut up and knit.
i should always do that anyway!

dinner ideas? anyone?

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Jaime said...

Check out the easy mulligatawny soup recipe I tried, it is in my blog. Love you!