Monday, October 6, 2008

troll in the dungeon!

snow on the mountain! you have to say it like professor quirrell says it in sorcerer's stone. it doesn't work otherwise.

so it's cold here! finally! actually it came a bit early this year. which is good cause it's really hard to knit in hot weather. i can't stand anything over 70. global warming strikes a double whammy to me!

knitting knitting. i finished sarah's simple knitted bodice in valley yarn's stockbridge, which is a wool and alpaca blend. it was nice to knit with and i hope to use it in a sweater for myself SOMEDAY. until then, i started a cobblestone pullover for my brother in elann's peruvian highland. i knitted 2 inches and then noticed i had TWISTED when i joined and was knitting a moebus. not really wearable as a sweater.

sarah and i took measurements this morning and figured out my body fat percentage. oh god it was high. so is my bmi. a bit scary actually and a total kick in the ass.
on the plus side, i lost several inches mostly in my arms and stomach (YIPPEE!!!)

off to knit and play with mom's new puppy. oh, the life.

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