Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hitchcockian encounters

feeling better, so sarah decided to make me workout again. yesterday we did arms and today she wanted to do back and shoulders, so really we just did arms again. lol.
beautiful weather here lately. lots of misty rainy ambience. i pretend i'm in ireland. i know this is redundant, mark. stop reading my blog.

all of our noisy neighbors are outta here this week. i'm really looking forward to the peace and quiet! when we bought our place we sat outside in the car and listened. nothing... now after we closed on it, all hell broke loose. well, atleast i see mostly trees.

i was attacked ATTACKED! by a hummingbird today. i stood too close to the feeder and it dived in and actually swooshed(?) my ponytail. i FELT it. creepy.

that's it. my arms hurt!

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