Sunday, September 14, 2008


what a weekend! we went to Roswell yesterday and visited the Bitter Lake Wildlife Refuge to check out the dragonflies. i can't believe how big some of those suckers are. hopefully we can catch the dragonfly festival next year. maybe we'll remember binoculars and bug spray. i know that sounds crazy, considering we would be looking at bugs, but mark and i kept getting bitten by these evil little insects. thankfully ng didn't.

today sarah and i walked around the local golfcourse. about 3 miles. it was slow going cause ng wanted to get out and walk a lot and sarah threw out her hip in a race yesterday. it was a lot of fun and ng really enjoyed playing with sarah's dog, bettie.

that's all really.

jaime and i made a bet. we have to lose 30lbs by christmas eve and whoever doesn't has to pay the other $50. that's a lot of yarn money! wish me luck!

blah blah blah. time to knit!

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