Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i'm taking a different approach today. i feel like if i air out my 'dirty laundry' -so to speak- maybe i'll stop doing stupid stuff, right?

i eat meat. a lot. bad fast food feedlot meat. i'm not a vegan most of the time. i can't call myself vegan if one meal a day is animal free. well, i don't really call myself a vegan, so there.

anyway. i don't feel better.

another thing i want to work on is money and budgeting and not buying SHIT all the time. let's see. i spent a little bit today. lemme get the receipt:

diet coke-3.08 (not essential AND will give me cancer)
two jars of pasta sauce- 2.25 (yummy and will get used, but ALFREDO. not vegan or healthy)
something that doesn't make sense- 2.50 (hmm...)
two pairs of yoga pants for ngaio (maybe didn't need TWO, but she needed pants, it's cold)
got charged TWICE for a bag of chocolates 2.97 times 2
pillow 8.00 (on sale and i've wanted one like it since i was 12. no regrets.)

not too bad. not too good. i'm not going anywhere tomorrow that requires money, but we need gas in the car.

ok. so other than gas, i pledge to only spend $40 on groceries or whathaveyou until friday night.

not too hard, right? let's see.

i bet i can do it, including the gas.

having dinner at mom and dad's house tonight. bean burrito for me and tacos for everyone else. i don't like tacos and love burritos. life is good.
OH! i know what the mystery charge was. honey bunches of oats. that's acceptable. yum.

ngaio's tummy is upset tonight. might not go to gym. she's kinda mommy's girl today.

it was ngaio's first kindermusik class today. she had lots of fun. she wasn't shy after the first hello song, and danced her heart out. i had fun too! and got a mini workout.

knitting? i started a scarf last night and finished like 30% today. fast little knit and it looks great. maybe one day i'll actually post pics of something...

that's it.

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