Wednesday, September 10, 2008


argh, i had a nice post typed up and it disappeared and i can't get it back.

ok. gas bill came in. taking it out of the $40. so... i have $14 left.

$26 for gas? how?- you might ask. CLOTHESLINE and NOT PICKY ABOUT TEMP. in fact, i never really notice the temperature in our house unless it's really hot. we live in new mexico and don't have an air conditioner and WE'RE FINE!
and 26 isn't even small for us!

why all the money concern? well, i want to shed excess EVERYTHING in my life. not just weight. plus, mark wants to go to new zealand. our debt isn't too bad. just mortgage (good debt) and mark's student loan (yuck)
so i'm making every penny count. that's my job since i don't have a REAL job, right?

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