Monday, September 8, 2008


so i made it. i'm 30 and it turns out that it's no big deal. i didn't, however, lose 10 lbs. actually i haven't weighed myself, but i'm pretty sure i didn't. oh well. i DID get sick, so that stopped the 'gym-rat'ing for a week and a half. back at it tonight though.

i finished ez's december sweater today. finished is a loose term... it needs seams under the arms and i hate kitchener stitch. maybe not hate. but really not happy about it.

back to the birthday. it was a pretty good day. went for a VERY short hike with sarah and austin and mark and sarah's adorable dog betty. i got really tired so we turned back early and played scrabble and scattergories. i got 'hex' on a triple word score. good day.

well, off to pick up the hubby and go to the gym. i really wanted to get out of it today, but now i'm looking forward to it.

it's all in the mind people!

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