Friday, September 26, 2008

one down.

so tired. can barely move my hands to type. if you could see how many times i've hit backspace, you'd laugh.
this is the deal. my best friend jaime wants to lose 30lbs. i need to lose a whole lot more than that, we've decided to race to it. by christmas eve. first one there gets $50. if it takes longer than that, the stakes are upped to $100.

that's a lot of yarn.

of course that's not the only reason i'm participating. i want to support jaime, cause i love her and if she loses it she will start trying to get pregnant. ngaio needs a cousin. i need to lose it anyway and the timeframe is doable, but a challenge.

i've done really really well. one pound down last time i weighed in. i've worked out like a whirling dervish, but diet hasn't been steller. i've been trying several recipes from this month's vegetarian times. and i do well with them, i just eat too much during the day when i'm hangin' with my homie... well, ngaio.

i even got up at 5am to go to a lifting class. DEDICATION!

either way, i'm winning. even if i have to pay.

what happens if i lose more than 30?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


what a weekend! we went to Roswell yesterday and visited the Bitter Lake Wildlife Refuge to check out the dragonflies. i can't believe how big some of those suckers are. hopefully we can catch the dragonfly festival next year. maybe we'll remember binoculars and bug spray. i know that sounds crazy, considering we would be looking at bugs, but mark and i kept getting bitten by these evil little insects. thankfully ng didn't.

today sarah and i walked around the local golfcourse. about 3 miles. it was slow going cause ng wanted to get out and walk a lot and sarah threw out her hip in a race yesterday. it was a lot of fun and ng really enjoyed playing with sarah's dog, bettie.

that's all really.

jaime and i made a bet. we have to lose 30lbs by christmas eve and whoever doesn't has to pay the other $50. that's a lot of yarn money! wish me luck!

blah blah blah. time to knit!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


argh, i had a nice post typed up and it disappeared and i can't get it back.

ok. gas bill came in. taking it out of the $40. so... i have $14 left.

$26 for gas? how?- you might ask. CLOTHESLINE and NOT PICKY ABOUT TEMP. in fact, i never really notice the temperature in our house unless it's really hot. we live in new mexico and don't have an air conditioner and WE'RE FINE!
and 26 isn't even small for us!

why all the money concern? well, i want to shed excess EVERYTHING in my life. not just weight. plus, mark wants to go to new zealand. our debt isn't too bad. just mortgage (good debt) and mark's student loan (yuck)
so i'm making every penny count. that's my job since i don't have a REAL job, right?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i'm taking a different approach today. i feel like if i air out my 'dirty laundry' -so to speak- maybe i'll stop doing stupid stuff, right?

i eat meat. a lot. bad fast food feedlot meat. i'm not a vegan most of the time. i can't call myself vegan if one meal a day is animal free. well, i don't really call myself a vegan, so there.

anyway. i don't feel better.

another thing i want to work on is money and budgeting and not buying SHIT all the time. let's see. i spent a little bit today. lemme get the receipt:

diet coke-3.08 (not essential AND will give me cancer)
two jars of pasta sauce- 2.25 (yummy and will get used, but ALFREDO. not vegan or healthy)
something that doesn't make sense- 2.50 (hmm...)
two pairs of yoga pants for ngaio (maybe didn't need TWO, but she needed pants, it's cold)
got charged TWICE for a bag of chocolates 2.97 times 2
pillow 8.00 (on sale and i've wanted one like it since i was 12. no regrets.)

not too bad. not too good. i'm not going anywhere tomorrow that requires money, but we need gas in the car.

ok. so other than gas, i pledge to only spend $40 on groceries or whathaveyou until friday night.

not too hard, right? let's see.

i bet i can do it, including the gas.

having dinner at mom and dad's house tonight. bean burrito for me and tacos for everyone else. i don't like tacos and love burritos. life is good.
OH! i know what the mystery charge was. honey bunches of oats. that's acceptable. yum.

ngaio's tummy is upset tonight. might not go to gym. she's kinda mommy's girl today.

it was ngaio's first kindermusik class today. she had lots of fun. she wasn't shy after the first hello song, and danced her heart out. i had fun too! and got a mini workout.

knitting? i started a scarf last night and finished like 30% today. fast little knit and it looks great. maybe one day i'll actually post pics of something...

that's it.

Monday, September 8, 2008


so i made it. i'm 30 and it turns out that it's no big deal. i didn't, however, lose 10 lbs. actually i haven't weighed myself, but i'm pretty sure i didn't. oh well. i DID get sick, so that stopped the 'gym-rat'ing for a week and a half. back at it tonight though.

i finished ez's december sweater today. finished is a loose term... it needs seams under the arms and i hate kitchener stitch. maybe not hate. but really not happy about it.

back to the birthday. it was a pretty good day. went for a VERY short hike with sarah and austin and mark and sarah's adorable dog betty. i got really tired so we turned back early and played scrabble and scattergories. i got 'hex' on a triple word score. good day.

well, off to pick up the hubby and go to the gym. i really wanted to get out of it today, but now i'm looking forward to it.

it's all in the mind people!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hitchcockian encounters

feeling better, so sarah decided to make me workout again. yesterday we did arms and today she wanted to do back and shoulders, so really we just did arms again. lol.
beautiful weather here lately. lots of misty rainy ambience. i pretend i'm in ireland. i know this is redundant, mark. stop reading my blog.

all of our noisy neighbors are outta here this week. i'm really looking forward to the peace and quiet! when we bought our place we sat outside in the car and listened. nothing... now after we closed on it, all hell broke loose. well, atleast i see mostly trees.

i was attacked ATTACKED! by a hummingbird today. i stood too close to the feeder and it dived in and actually swooshed(?) my ponytail. i FELT it. creepy.

that's it. my arms hurt!