Friday, August 29, 2008

viral knitengitis

ugh. ugh ugh ugh.
so sick. actually, tuesday i was the 'sickest' and today i'm only 1/4 as sick and i still feel pretty yucky. little ngaio learned a new word/phrase "bless you" bless her little soul.

too sick to knit, but today i busted out like mad. i have major stash busting to do until january. i've made promises to myself and i never break promises. hah! well, not in the last few hours.
regardless of the severe yarn diet i wandered over to the schoolhouse press site and browsed a bit. drooled, really. too lazy to include a link. anyway, i have zimmermania right now and i'm really jonesing for some unspun icelandic wool.
one day away from finishing mom's sweater, then i'll finish my MY MY!!!! own sweater. it's the hurry up sweater from december in ez's knitter's almanac. my gauge is a bit off, but i'm hoping it still shapes up well. and i hope it fits. well. i hope it fits in a month or two. after i get a bit better (tomorrow) then working out starts up again.

oh! i made it up to the top of nogal peak this weekend. i'm trying to sound casual, is it working? it was really HARD! i wanted to give up every step. i didn't! sierra blanca is next, which is higher and scarier. second highest in NM.

ok. i'm sleepy. i'm going to bed. actually, i'm going to knit.

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