Sunday, August 31, 2008

ngaio's art escapade

you know, you think you have so much figured out before you become a parent. like, my child will be taught to read before kindergarden, she will treat everyone with respect and empathy and not be mean to other kids ever. she will be creative and i will nurture that by doing crafty projects and fieldtrips and read to her 5 hours a day blah blah blah

then you have a kid...

and it takes all your energy just to feed, clothe, clean and keep them alive until it's time to go to bed.

just a random thought i had yesterday. i will mention that my daughter IS a genius and she is very creative and thoughtful. i didn't have to do any work. she's naturally wonderful. yesterday i got her out of bed and went straight back into it, not even thinking that she was alone. i turned on her TMBG's ABC dvd and fell back asleep. i told you i was sick, right? anyway, about an hour later i heard the unmistakable sound of crayons being poured out. i jumped up, fearing for my mural or her door or the bamboo in the living room. there she was, quietly in her room coloring in a coloring book. happy as can be.

then i thought about all the things that could have happened. like she could have climbed onto the diningroom table and pulled of the vase. she could have gotten into the OPEN bathroom and drowned in the toliet. she could have swallowed a bug. anything. i felt awful. instead, she was perfect and cute and quiet and let us sleep.

by the way, mark was no help at all. apparently viruses affect men differently. they regress in age. or turn into lumps. something like that.

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