Saturday, August 16, 2008


really nothing duchess-y going on. however, if i were to have a title, that would be a nice one. fancy, not too fancy and its a fun word to say. i really don't like the duchess in alice and wonderland though. not so nice to the baby.

i'm hanging my head in shame. i cannot call myself a vegan. never could. it's really embarrassing to know what you need to do to fix your life and then NOT DO THEM. i guess i'm just like everyone else, despite what i thought of myself when i was a kid.

but i will do them. i just didn't do them yesterday, or the day before... and so on.

i made a plethora of tutus to sell at a craft show i will go to in november. they are really cute. ngaio loves hers. she wears it to the store. she's fancy. maybe a duchess.

i also finished knitting dh's sweater. there are not enough exclamation points to show how happy and relieved i am to be done, so i won't use any. take that. i'm not really done though. i have to sew up all the seams.

mark got the flight of the conchords dvds and their cd too. so funny. exclamation points abound. i'm harboring a small crush on bret. i know dh is reading, why do i post these things!?!?!?! anyway, if you haven't seen them, you should. if you have, then you know what i mean.

not working out as much as i should. not even as much as i WANT to work out. hmm. i'm going today. just not right now. ok, soon. my workout buddy sarah is formulating new ways to torture all of the bodyparts that i emotionally torture. she's awesome, but i'm taking that back if she tells people when my birthday is. she's threatening me with a thirty pound burrito to mark the occasion of my 28th birthday. i'm a duchess, so i'll be 28 and NOT 30 this year. i said so.

why does 30 matter? where does this all come from? i'm in a great place in life. i have a wonderful family, a cozy home and i'm healthier than ever before.

hmmm.... maybe all i need is a bit of ego massage to get me through.

but i still want to lose about 10lbs before the big day, which would happen if i were really a good vegan and not just a duchess.

ok. plan to lose 10lbs. and i will do it. if i don't, then i'll consider myself a failure at 30. i have a few weeks, but i'm not telling the day.

cardio- 5x per week. come on, just 20 minutes! 'lite' cardio even.
strength- as much as sarah can, but she'll be gone for a week :(
food- stop being a puss. lots of veggies and whole grains and no NO NO no fast food. not even veggie fast food.

ok. i won't put up my birthday, but i'll put my starting weight. atleast that will change, if my age won't.

here goes.

don't really want to do this.

its like admitting my worst darkest secret.

but come on, you could just look at the size of my ass and make a pretty horrific guess anyway, right?



as of this morning. that's the last time i EVER want to see that number.

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