Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Mighty Texas

got back from the always lovely Dimmitt, Texas on sunday.
going to texas mentally constipates me. let me explain.

it's so damn hot that all you can do is sit there. seriously. i sat on the couch in the morning and didn't move until well after the sun had gone down.
feedlots. nasty awful feedlots. you'd think being around them all the time would be a meat deterrent for these people. nope. it spurs them on. the smell. the wind. the heat. those poor cows. ngaio loved mooing to them, but she'll know the evil truth soon enough... until then, moo away little cowgirl.
food. it's a law that all food in texas has either velvetta or mayo in it. all food. they even put mayo in cake. not a vegetable in sight other than iceburg lettuce and a mealy pale orange tomato drenched in ranch. which has mayo in it.
accents and grammar, plenty of the former. none of the latter.
don't get me started on politics!

so all of my senses are plugged up.

on the plus side...

ngaio had a great time with her second cousins. and i had a great time with my relatives. however i will start insisting that we will not visit in the summer anymore. god. it's awful.

ngaio saw some trains. i think she's a budding train nut. and she played with her cousin's magnadoodle. she impressed everyone but reading letters drawn on it. she also drew a z on her own and proudly screamed out "Z!!!". we bought her a magnadoodle in Roswell on the way home and she'll get it for her birthday. she also had a great time playing with the piano at her great aunt's house. it is so nice to find things she is interested in.

finished mil's christmas present and it turned out great. i'll finish knitting mark's sweater this week hopefully.

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