Tuesday, July 22, 2008

veganlicious 2.0

oh. baked a lot today. i made orange scones and pumpkin bread this afternoon. i used vegan with a vengence and i'm really loving that cookbook.

i had a headache all weekend. yesterday i sat outside, determined to get some air and calm myself enough so it would go away. no sound. no tv. no knitting. no reading. i went really well except for the no sound. still, i was not going to let it bother me and used it as an exercise in patience and empathy and whatever else i needed to learn that day.

birds chirping. hummingbirds killing each other over our feeder. chainsaws. always a chainsaw. what's up with that. a noise like a sander. a big one. maybe someone is dragging their pine needles across the yard on a tarp. neighbors fighting. always fighting. what's up with that? atleast the chainsaw isn't from that direction. then the best sound of all. mama mama mama from dd waking up from her nap.

so what did i learn? i love our birds, maybe not so much the humming ones. i'm glad my marriage is better than my neighbors'. my daughter is the best thing ever.

and my headache went away.

i ran for the first time in 14 years today. it wasn't for very long. i don't think i've been more proud of myself lately. i could tell such a huge difference in my fitness level. i finally feel my body and what it can do. i'm making the connection.

today's totals:

yippee: didn't spend over my limit at the health food store... actually spent half!
ran. taught dd more animal words. cooked vegan treats

boo: forgot to drop off movie rentals on the way home, so have to make another trip.
made only baked goods and nothing with veggies today. argh.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


so it's not so easy... this whole vegan thing. i forget what comes from animals. secret ingredients lurking about. maybe its all those years of taking animals for granted. maybe i'm just lazy.

working out is going well. my whole body is SORE and i love it. last night i took measurements and will continue to do so every two weeks. not going to post them (for the whole ZERO people who read this) but i'll post how many inches i lose as i lose them.

vegan recipe of the week:

Coconut-Lime Noodle Yumminess

1/4 c. sliced onion
1 Tb. olive oil
1/2 grated carrot
1 zucchini, sliced how you like it
about 1 c. veggie stock
1/2 can coconut milk (i used 'lite')
1 lime, juice and zest

i think that's it

anyway. saute the onion and carrot in the oil. add the zucchini, stock, and the zest- let it cook a little bit. we don't want soggy, people! add the coconut milk and heat through. add the lime juice at the end.

yumm. with a bunch of m's. i ate it on noodles. rice would be nice. or quinoa. or anything, really.

knitwise i finished one of my mom's birthday socks using a beautiful custom dyed yarn from ashabee's fiber oasis . the second sock is almost to the heel (toe up ann budd pattern). the yarn is so nice to work with that second sock syndrome is NONEXISTENT. i've discovered the cure! good yarn! who knew?

now my favorite part:
things i liked today- dd slept in. we had a great time playing together today. lunch with mom and some friends. fixed transaction with ashley at the bank. finally.

not so nice- casa blanca is NOT vegan friendly, so i'm sure i consumed an animal product, but i really tried not to. it's a little too hot for my taste today. had to go to the bank and actually talk to a banker about a mistake the stupid bank made. dd preferred my mom over me most of the day.

and there are still hours to fill...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

rain, rain, ... never ever ever go away

loving the rain so much. mark's collection tank has filled up so many times. the garden is looking lovely and green! our squash and zucchini plants have taken over the front yard. i think we will expand their growing area, as the deer leave them alone and they are much more practical and pretty than a grass lawn. the mystery pumpkin in the back yard has three 3!!! melons! wow. i don't know how those seeds got there, but i love it! mom thinks they may be spaghetti squash. makes sense, the compost had some of that in it.

we were going to hike this morning but mark ripped his shirt in the car (very badly) and then mom and dad called for us to pick up dd. had a very quiet night without her! anyway, the new plan is a family hike tomorrow. then workout. ouch. still sore from thursday. i love that feeling!

had some great vegan moments this week. had some really really bad ones. can't wait to say 'i'm vegan' and not lie. old habits die hard! jaime and i found some great vegan cookbooks and i have picked tons of recipes to try. i don't know how people can feel that it is so restrictive. if anything, i feel OVERWHELMED by the amount of great recipes i've seen.

bad spending this week... bought clearance canvas shoes for dd to 'craft up'. very cute, but probably very unnessesary! bought another awesome sports bra (fiona from sierra trading post). i keep convincing myself that i WILL need a jogging bra. i highly recommend this bra if you are endowed as generously as i have been (the jogging, veganism, hikeing, working out should unendow, right?)

still not skinny. still positive. still getting healthier.