Sunday, March 9, 2008

spring cleaning

something about this time of year completely changes everything inside of me.

although our spring is still far away, but the promise of it peaks through between snowstorms.

the house is getting a colonic, which is so therapeutic. we moved in while i was 9 months pregnant and nursing a broken ankle. last spring ngaio was too little and high maintenance, so little was done. this year i'm getting everything in its place and leaving it there. martha-izing, if you will.

i've been getting into simple living lately and starting to re-evaluate my life and my expectations from it. what makes me happy? truly happy? if everyone can ask themselves this question and answer it truthfully i'm sure that nobody would name material objects. i would like to believe they wouldn't! i'll bypass the usual proverbs on this subject. it's so cliche and such common knowledge, yet few people live their lives in this way.
so i'll try.
i wanted to come up with a list of all the things to change, but i'm going to focus on what i do already. it's more positive that way! plus, intentions are useless. i have plenty of them and very rarely so i take action and stand up for what i believe in. i'm not talking baout sit-ins and protests and drastic measures. daily things are where revolutions begin. shopping, eating, kind words to my family and friends, respect for other drivers on the road. if you sit down and think about it, it's not difficult, yet when you want to do more than think about it, it's so damn hard!

so the good stuff:

i bussed my table before leaving the restuarant at breakfast. i even placed all the coffee cup handles together so they could me grabbed easily.

i bought organic yogurt for my family.

i ordered the softest yarn i could find to make a beanie for my best friend's husband, who is getting a brain tumor removed. i don't know how to show my love and concern for him, but i can knit!

i helped with the dishes at my mom's house after lunch.

i watched 'women of ninja warriors' with my husband and actually enjoyed it, even though i didn't want to.

i wrote a thank you letter to my aunt Rita (for contributing to dd's coin collection), a congrats letter to my aunt Pam (she won her tax assecessor's election) and a letter to my inlaws and let dd draw on all of them.

and now i'm leaving to play cards with my grandmother who is moving to another state in a few weeks. it's her favorite thing, and i'm really looking forward to it!

see ya.

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