Tuesday, February 12, 2008

horray for actually finishing!

i finished a plethoria of projects lately! my illusion scarf is pretty cool. it needs to be blocked and photo'ed! i also finished a bag out of the leftover brown sheep from the scarf. hubby was impressed that i used up leftovers, pshaw! he knows me too well.

i've started a pair of socks out of elann esprit. i love this yarn. i always thought elann was more of a novelty yarn supplier, but they have a nice selection. i've also ordered yarn for dh's mythical sweater, yarn for eunny jang's entrelac socks, and yarn for my next beast... norah gaughan's bonsai tunic for my sister in law. i'm fairly sure she won't read this, so it will remain a surprise.

my mil in nz sent an adorable summer suit for dd. she used a cute beatrix potter print that she got in the lakes district in england while visiting potter's house. today was somewhat warm, so i outfitted my little bug and off we went for a picnic and play at the park. then off to grandma's while i went to the gym. maybe my butt will start showing my hard work!

other than the flu-ish hubby, a great day!