Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last night my 15m. daughter was a bit cranky. nothing worked with her. it was really frustrating and i was about to rip all my hair out, then she puked all over herself. poor kid. its really horrible when you start getting angry at your baby and it was not her fault at all. every day is a lesson in patience and empathy. i feel i've come a long way in that direction, then this happens and i realize i haven't been as understanding as i thought.

i read most of dr ornish's eat more weigh less last night. its all fine and dandy, but i would rather not eat the dairy and eat nuts and olive oil occasionally.
dh wanted pie last night and i managed not to eat any, but i ate 2!!! pancakes this morning.
on sundays sometimes we go to a local cafe for breakkie or brunch. today i did not do that well, but the day is not over... however we are going to a movie later and that is the only time i allow myself popcorn (no butter, thank you very much!)

excuses excuses

knittingwise: i have a couple of projects going. an illusion scarf for my friend leah, a hat for her guy tony, a norah gaughan sweater for dh (read ME), and i would like to get some amigurumi done before feb comes along.

the norah sweater is 'kenobi' from knitscene spring 07. i love norah's designs. i think its safe to say that she is a genius. as amazing as the sweater is, i've managed to mess it up supremely. i used caron simply soft in dk country blue, but i only bought a few skeins. the package CLEARLY states NO DYELOT. this is the last time i will ever ever ever believe this claim. about two inches short of finishing the back, the color gets darker. of course i didn't notice until i finished a sleeve and half of the left front... dh says to keep going anyway... so i told him he wasn't allowed to wear it in public. which means I'M not allowed to wear it in public. as mad as i am at caron, i still Love the yarn despite its acrylic-ness. it is so soft and the color looks really good (both of them!)

the illusion scarf is from storm moon knits. i used brown sheep lamb's pride worsted in kiwi and charcoal. it looks amazing. i have finished the first two charts, the middle 50 inches and the third chart. one more to go! this pattern is so awesome! leah says she is sensitive to wool, so secretly i'm hoping that it will be too itchy for her and i'll get it back. of course this might mean i have to design a jack skellington illusion scarf in exchange. maybe i'll design it anyway and post it. good knitting karma!

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