Saturday, January 19, 2008

It was bound to happen...

that i would start doing this. accountibility for knitting projects, things and feelings i don't want to forget, whatever.
anyway, i might have something interesting to say every now and then. time will tell.

this week, i started watching kids at our gym. my daughter loves the other kids, when they actually show up. i'm hoping that she will learn to interact with them well. i know it has been difficult for her being around grownups exclusively all of her life. so far so good. however, there were other kids there one day out of the three we were there. not so consistent.

the gym job has been a win win situation for me. i'm not making resolutions this year, but i have been tossing around ideas to make my body and life happier and healthier. approaching the big 3-0, a reunion, and the new life we made last year are pretty big milestones and i'm hoping to be well to enjoy what my life has to offer.

so here are things i hope to do, if not 100%, then to some high degree:

yoga everyday (thanks jaime)

workout @ gym 2 or 3 times a week

as vegan as i can manage

raw when i can

promote sustainability and be a good steward of my planet

not go to walmart (if you see me there, feel free to suckerpunch)

decrease yarn stash

paint paint paint

wanna join me on any of these pursuits?

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