Monday, December 8, 2008


certain words baffle me.

like 'fresh'. everyone uses that word now. i've noticed it particularly in knitting blogs and knitting magazines, but in many other places as well. makes everything seem like it's been kept in tupperware.
branching off of 'fresh' is 'refreshments'. i've never liked that word. bear with me.
as a child, fresh meant minty clean, like toothpaste. i'm sure it was the 'it' word in dental care commercials in the 80's, as it is affixed in my brain as such and i watched A LOT of tv then.
my favorite candy when i was a kid was andes mints. god, i loved the restaurants that gave you those things. also grasshopper cookies from keebler which are chocolaty and minty and yummy. the only kind of ice cream i got was mint chocolate chip (except the pink phase = strawberry.) I love mint. always have always will. ok. back to refreshments.
EVERY time a sunday school teacher or party hostess mentioned 'refreshments' my mouth would water for the upcoming chocolate/mint combination. much to my disappointment, i was given watery ass kool aid and cheap vanilla cream sandwich cookies. my two least favorite sweet things ever. nothing like childhood to fuck things up.

yeah yeah, get over it, right? lol.

which brings us to the word that inspired this blog post. 'inspire'

i don't understand this word. the mere sound of it tells of something fantastic and magical. then it is used in connection with lesser ventures. like 'those old bricks inspired me to make candlestick holders' or some mundane bullshit like that.

maybe i've just lost my muse. or maybe she just slit her wrists after high school and left me a bitter shell of an artist. left to wander the earth without a hint of romanticism left.

i finished my brother's sweater and it's too long. way too long and i'm too scared to undo the bottom and take off a few inches. wimp.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


oh, my back hurts.
on monday i lifted too much weight on the new pull down machine thingy at the gym. it STILL hurts. everything is so difficult to do when your back doesn't do its job, and apparently it has a much bigger job than i previously thought.

the good part is that we've rented back episodes of Heroes and the back injury is a good excuse to sit there and watch them. the worst part of it all is the PILES of dishes that pile up cause standing and washing them is too much. the joys of not having a dishwasher (don't want one anyway)

laundry is outta control too. i need a maid.

anyway, back to heroes. i've been thinking which super power i would want. the obvious answer is claire's regeneration... but that's only a here and now thing.
i think i want to.... well hell, now that it comes to it i can't decide.
i love hiro though. his earlobes wobble when he teleports. funny. plus there is something so nice about a guy who ALWAYS smiles.

ngaio learned 'jingle bells' yesterday. she really likes the 'hey' part after 'one horse open sleigh'. she likes it so much that she screams it inbetween almost every word.

almost done with my brother's sweater. i promise to post pics, but only when HE'S in it.

peace out. lol.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


i like the basic idea of thanksgiving. not the pilgrims so much, but saying thank you. it shouldn't be a once a year day. but then again, most days shouldn't be a once a year day (talk like a pirate day!)

the bombings in mumbai have impacted this day for me. how much americans take for granted. there are so many people in this world that look upon EVERY day thankful that they are alive. just ALIVE.

gluttony isn't just about eating. i learned a new word the other day. hedonism. yeah yeah, i didn't know it before. but i'm sure there are many people who don't know the true meaning of that word. that don't realize how much more we have than what we NEED. need. that's a loaded term.

a simple life. i can dream it, but really i have no idea what simple is.

i'm thankful for:
my wonderful family. all happy and healthy.
my amazing friends. i am surrounded by beautiful and inspiring people.
my home. it's small and warm and perfect for us.
my health. i worked out today!
electricity, plumbing and the like.
a VERY full belly. too full.
rain, with the promise of snow.
my family again.
and again.

i'm so blessed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

short and sweet

i hate this time of year.
people are not thankful. people are not in the christmas spirit. people turn into ogres.

which turns me into a total bitch too.

i'm staying home as much as i can until january. maybe even longer.

something to cheer you up: ask to her ngaio say quesadilla. that makes my day.

is that how you spell it? who cares. it's still really cute when she says it. kay suh DAY uh. sounds almost texan. yawza.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

saturday in november.

sad news first...
my mom's little puppy, Toby, died today. Apparently his little liver was bad and even if they had known in time, doing surgery on a 2lb. dog isn't the best option. so sad. he was really cute and sweet.
not sad news...
things at work changed. i am the only babysitter now. the other one was essentially lied to and told that we weren't doing babysitting anymore. the real reason was because she was late everyday, dirty, and didn't watch the kids at all. i could go on and on and on about her inadequacies, but i don't think it would be nice for my karma.

i found a new 'diet' book today. don't have it on me and too lazy to look it up but it's that bob greene guy. it's pretty nice so far.
i've given up on feeling sorry for myself because i haven't lost many pounds. instead of focusing on what hasn't happened, i'll share what has.

i now work out 5 times a week. this is a total miracle. i used to be so lazy and now i actually look forward to 'doing something'.
i eat much better. not perfectly, but i make wiser choices more often.
i've lost a ton of inches and my body fat has gone down.

no worries. if it all came off quickly it would all come right back on, right? hooray for positive lifestyle changes.

knitting... just trying to finish up christmas presents. i would like to get a sweater going for myself. something ambitious. hmmm. i'm thinking something by kate gilbert.

ok. i'm off. while i'm gone, try to find something nice that you have done lately for YOURSELF and leave it in the comments. share the love.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

asl soapbox

random thoughts from a random mind.

i got the ok from our public library to teach babysigning sometime probably in january. it may not seem like much to some, but signing has really made parenting almost easy for us.
there are so many skeptics out there regarding signing with babies, and i really can't imagine why a parent wouldn't go the distance to give their child a way to communicate and understand their world at an early age.
some say their children didn't speak as soon as they should have. how do you prove that? every child has their own timetable and you can't compare one kid to the next. plus, speech is only ONE way to communicate. how narrow minded can you be to not realize that YOUR way, the ESTABLISHED way is not the ONLY way. research shows signing DOESN'T impair speech. the key to this is TALKING with your child as you sign.
ngaio's speech was about a month behind (insignificant to me) but she could sign at 7 months (milk and more) and that's only counting what she could sign, not everything she understood. when she started speaking her vocabulary was HUGE and her pronunciation is very advanced. she uses language very creatively and now signs and speaks hundreds of words. i also noticed that she would tell 'stories' much earlier than expected too. signing gave her tools to understand what was going on and to interpret it and share it.

oh my god. i could go on and on. i'm just pissed because someone said something bad about using sign with kids. i'll get off my soap box. really.

ANYWAY! what else is new? nothing i guess. i have a ton of knitting to do. i actually don't have a whole lot that is imperative, so i'll rephrase. i have a ton of projects that i would like to do. thanks a lot, LIBRARY, for getting new knitting books finally.

this was a meaningless post. i should really just shut up and knit.
i should always do that anyway!

dinner ideas? anyone?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the root of all evil

i made a really strict budget for this month. needless to say, it has not stuck. this is due to many circumstances. mark needed things for home repairs and i didn't take that into account. i spent too much on groceries because... well, no good reason there. and i bought stuff for ngaio's bday tomorrow. i had all of her presents ready and really didn't think i needed to spend more, but then i became american and freaked over how it might look from the outside. like if she had 'friends' come and they didn't get a favor. omg. or if they were unimpressed with the leftover pirate decor from last bday. omg. or if ngaio didn't have balloons. omg.

pathetic. who cares? she's two. she could live the rest of the year without a party and it wouldn't phase her. oh well. i didn't spend THAT much.

then i bought fabric for her halloween costume (in the budget). but we have the BEST fabric store here and one purchase led to two others. not in the budget. one of the other pieces of fabric were for ng's christmas present, so i guess not all was lost.

we also went out to eat on sunday which was unnecessary. hell, it's never necessary, right?

i feel like we aren't getting anywhere! we don't live paycheck to paycheck. we have a savings account that is deposited into regularly BUT it doesn't grow too much and new zealand seems even further away. it's like exercising. one moment of weakness can really throw you off. (however, our mutual fund crapped out in all of this greedy wall street nonsense. bastards.)

speaking of: exercising is going great! i've averaged 5/6 days a week working out. the scale isn't moving, but i feel great. i've noticed this week that my hate handles have evened out. confused? me too. i was lopsided and now my left side is conforming. thank god. my fat will be symmetrical!

oh, and i overcame my fear of water (23 years) and started swimming this week. what's best, I LOVE IT!

nice progress all in all. no reason to complain. so shut up already!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

epiphany 2.0

due to a horrible nightmare i have decided i need to do something about the 'career' situation. as a child i wanted to be an 'artist'. nothing really specific and i never developed much of a style in any medium until recently. which ended up being watercolor... and i've always hated watercolor. except i kinda satisfy my art nouveau hunger with it.

but i haven't painted in a long time.

all i want to do is knit. and now design. doesn't pay much, but after all this time i found an artistic path and holds more passion for me than all the paint and colored pencils in the world.

however i'm nursing a bit of tendinitis in my left arm. damn 'skein a day' challenge.

anyway. i've been thinking that i have no ambition career wise. haven't really had any since i got the wind knocked out of my art sails several years ago. so deep even the artist's way can't help me. i've tried twice!
am i lazy? maybe. but i think it boils down to fear of failure. i am so afraid of criticism. i'm not a crappy artist, maybe not the best, maybe out of practice, but i can hold my own... just not confidently!
another excuse is the art climate here. southwest is not my cup of tea. never will be. but surely i'm not alone in this and there is someone out there who is looking for something i can do.

this should be the least of my worries. i should just do it and then think about selling. that's what real artists are supposed to do, right? wait, real artists are all stuffy about selling. god forbid you make a living doing something other people are willing to pay for.

i work out 5 days a week now. something i NEVER EVER thought i would do. or even enjoy. and you know how i did it? i stopped making excuses.

so easy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

troll in the dungeon!

snow on the mountain! you have to say it like professor quirrell says it in sorcerer's stone. it doesn't work otherwise.

so it's cold here! finally! actually it came a bit early this year. which is good cause it's really hard to knit in hot weather. i can't stand anything over 70. global warming strikes a double whammy to me!

knitting knitting. i finished sarah's simple knitted bodice in valley yarn's stockbridge, which is a wool and alpaca blend. it was nice to knit with and i hope to use it in a sweater for myself SOMEDAY. until then, i started a cobblestone pullover for my brother in elann's peruvian highland. i knitted 2 inches and then noticed i had TWISTED when i joined and was knitting a moebus. not really wearable as a sweater.

sarah and i took measurements this morning and figured out my body fat percentage. oh god it was high. so is my bmi. a bit scary actually and a total kick in the ass.
on the plus side, i lost several inches mostly in my arms and stomach (YIPPEE!!!)

off to knit and play with mom's new puppy. oh, the life.

Friday, September 26, 2008

one down.

so tired. can barely move my hands to type. if you could see how many times i've hit backspace, you'd laugh.
this is the deal. my best friend jaime wants to lose 30lbs. i need to lose a whole lot more than that, we've decided to race to it. by christmas eve. first one there gets $50. if it takes longer than that, the stakes are upped to $100.

that's a lot of yarn.

of course that's not the only reason i'm participating. i want to support jaime, cause i love her and if she loses it she will start trying to get pregnant. ngaio needs a cousin. i need to lose it anyway and the timeframe is doable, but a challenge.

i've done really really well. one pound down last time i weighed in. i've worked out like a whirling dervish, but diet hasn't been steller. i've been trying several recipes from this month's vegetarian times. and i do well with them, i just eat too much during the day when i'm hangin' with my homie... well, ngaio.

i even got up at 5am to go to a lifting class. DEDICATION!

either way, i'm winning. even if i have to pay.

what happens if i lose more than 30?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


what a weekend! we went to Roswell yesterday and visited the Bitter Lake Wildlife Refuge to check out the dragonflies. i can't believe how big some of those suckers are. hopefully we can catch the dragonfly festival next year. maybe we'll remember binoculars and bug spray. i know that sounds crazy, considering we would be looking at bugs, but mark and i kept getting bitten by these evil little insects. thankfully ng didn't.

today sarah and i walked around the local golfcourse. about 3 miles. it was slow going cause ng wanted to get out and walk a lot and sarah threw out her hip in a race yesterday. it was a lot of fun and ng really enjoyed playing with sarah's dog, bettie.

that's all really.

jaime and i made a bet. we have to lose 30lbs by christmas eve and whoever doesn't has to pay the other $50. that's a lot of yarn money! wish me luck!

blah blah blah. time to knit!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


argh, i had a nice post typed up and it disappeared and i can't get it back.

ok. gas bill came in. taking it out of the $40. so... i have $14 left.

$26 for gas? how?- you might ask. CLOTHESLINE and NOT PICKY ABOUT TEMP. in fact, i never really notice the temperature in our house unless it's really hot. we live in new mexico and don't have an air conditioner and WE'RE FINE!
and 26 isn't even small for us!

why all the money concern? well, i want to shed excess EVERYTHING in my life. not just weight. plus, mark wants to go to new zealand. our debt isn't too bad. just mortgage (good debt) and mark's student loan (yuck)
so i'm making every penny count. that's my job since i don't have a REAL job, right?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i'm taking a different approach today. i feel like if i air out my 'dirty laundry' -so to speak- maybe i'll stop doing stupid stuff, right?

i eat meat. a lot. bad fast food feedlot meat. i'm not a vegan most of the time. i can't call myself vegan if one meal a day is animal free. well, i don't really call myself a vegan, so there.

anyway. i don't feel better.

another thing i want to work on is money and budgeting and not buying SHIT all the time. let's see. i spent a little bit today. lemme get the receipt:

diet coke-3.08 (not essential AND will give me cancer)
two jars of pasta sauce- 2.25 (yummy and will get used, but ALFREDO. not vegan or healthy)
something that doesn't make sense- 2.50 (hmm...)
two pairs of yoga pants for ngaio (maybe didn't need TWO, but she needed pants, it's cold)
got charged TWICE for a bag of chocolates 2.97 times 2
pillow 8.00 (on sale and i've wanted one like it since i was 12. no regrets.)

not too bad. not too good. i'm not going anywhere tomorrow that requires money, but we need gas in the car.

ok. so other than gas, i pledge to only spend $40 on groceries or whathaveyou until friday night.

not too hard, right? let's see.

i bet i can do it, including the gas.

having dinner at mom and dad's house tonight. bean burrito for me and tacos for everyone else. i don't like tacos and love burritos. life is good.
OH! i know what the mystery charge was. honey bunches of oats. that's acceptable. yum.

ngaio's tummy is upset tonight. might not go to gym. she's kinda mommy's girl today.

it was ngaio's first kindermusik class today. she had lots of fun. she wasn't shy after the first hello song, and danced her heart out. i had fun too! and got a mini workout.

knitting? i started a scarf last night and finished like 30% today. fast little knit and it looks great. maybe one day i'll actually post pics of something...

that's it.

Monday, September 8, 2008


so i made it. i'm 30 and it turns out that it's no big deal. i didn't, however, lose 10 lbs. actually i haven't weighed myself, but i'm pretty sure i didn't. oh well. i DID get sick, so that stopped the 'gym-rat'ing for a week and a half. back at it tonight though.

i finished ez's december sweater today. finished is a loose term... it needs seams under the arms and i hate kitchener stitch. maybe not hate. but really not happy about it.

back to the birthday. it was a pretty good day. went for a VERY short hike with sarah and austin and mark and sarah's adorable dog betty. i got really tired so we turned back early and played scrabble and scattergories. i got 'hex' on a triple word score. good day.

well, off to pick up the hubby and go to the gym. i really wanted to get out of it today, but now i'm looking forward to it.

it's all in the mind people!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hitchcockian encounters

feeling better, so sarah decided to make me workout again. yesterday we did arms and today she wanted to do back and shoulders, so really we just did arms again. lol.
beautiful weather here lately. lots of misty rainy ambience. i pretend i'm in ireland. i know this is redundant, mark. stop reading my blog.

all of our noisy neighbors are outta here this week. i'm really looking forward to the peace and quiet! when we bought our place we sat outside in the car and listened. nothing... now after we closed on it, all hell broke loose. well, atleast i see mostly trees.

i was attacked ATTACKED! by a hummingbird today. i stood too close to the feeder and it dived in and actually swooshed(?) my ponytail. i FELT it. creepy.

that's it. my arms hurt!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

ngaio's art escapade

you know, you think you have so much figured out before you become a parent. like, my child will be taught to read before kindergarden, she will treat everyone with respect and empathy and not be mean to other kids ever. she will be creative and i will nurture that by doing crafty projects and fieldtrips and read to her 5 hours a day blah blah blah

then you have a kid...

and it takes all your energy just to feed, clothe, clean and keep them alive until it's time to go to bed.

just a random thought i had yesterday. i will mention that my daughter IS a genius and she is very creative and thoughtful. i didn't have to do any work. she's naturally wonderful. yesterday i got her out of bed and went straight back into it, not even thinking that she was alone. i turned on her TMBG's ABC dvd and fell back asleep. i told you i was sick, right? anyway, about an hour later i heard the unmistakable sound of crayons being poured out. i jumped up, fearing for my mural or her door or the bamboo in the living room. there she was, quietly in her room coloring in a coloring book. happy as can be.

then i thought about all the things that could have happened. like she could have climbed onto the diningroom table and pulled of the vase. she could have gotten into the OPEN bathroom and drowned in the toliet. she could have swallowed a bug. anything. i felt awful. instead, she was perfect and cute and quiet and let us sleep.

by the way, mark was no help at all. apparently viruses affect men differently. they regress in age. or turn into lumps. something like that.

Friday, August 29, 2008

viral knitengitis

ugh. ugh ugh ugh.
so sick. actually, tuesday i was the 'sickest' and today i'm only 1/4 as sick and i still feel pretty yucky. little ngaio learned a new word/phrase "bless you" bless her little soul.

too sick to knit, but today i busted out like mad. i have major stash busting to do until january. i've made promises to myself and i never break promises. hah! well, not in the last few hours.
regardless of the severe yarn diet i wandered over to the schoolhouse press site and browsed a bit. drooled, really. too lazy to include a link. anyway, i have zimmermania right now and i'm really jonesing for some unspun icelandic wool.
one day away from finishing mom's sweater, then i'll finish my MY MY!!!! own sweater. it's the hurry up sweater from december in ez's knitter's almanac. my gauge is a bit off, but i'm hoping it still shapes up well. and i hope it fits. well. i hope it fits in a month or two. after i get a bit better (tomorrow) then working out starts up again.

oh! i made it up to the top of nogal peak this weekend. i'm trying to sound casual, is it working? it was really HARD! i wanted to give up every step. i didn't! sierra blanca is next, which is higher and scarier. second highest in NM.

ok. i'm sleepy. i'm going to bed. actually, i'm going to knit.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


really nothing duchess-y going on. however, if i were to have a title, that would be a nice one. fancy, not too fancy and its a fun word to say. i really don't like the duchess in alice and wonderland though. not so nice to the baby.

i'm hanging my head in shame. i cannot call myself a vegan. never could. it's really embarrassing to know what you need to do to fix your life and then NOT DO THEM. i guess i'm just like everyone else, despite what i thought of myself when i was a kid.

but i will do them. i just didn't do them yesterday, or the day before... and so on.

i made a plethora of tutus to sell at a craft show i will go to in november. they are really cute. ngaio loves hers. she wears it to the store. she's fancy. maybe a duchess.

i also finished knitting dh's sweater. there are not enough exclamation points to show how happy and relieved i am to be done, so i won't use any. take that. i'm not really done though. i have to sew up all the seams.

mark got the flight of the conchords dvds and their cd too. so funny. exclamation points abound. i'm harboring a small crush on bret. i know dh is reading, why do i post these things!?!?!?! anyway, if you haven't seen them, you should. if you have, then you know what i mean.

not working out as much as i should. not even as much as i WANT to work out. hmm. i'm going today. just not right now. ok, soon. my workout buddy sarah is formulating new ways to torture all of the bodyparts that i emotionally torture. she's awesome, but i'm taking that back if she tells people when my birthday is. she's threatening me with a thirty pound burrito to mark the occasion of my 28th birthday. i'm a duchess, so i'll be 28 and NOT 30 this year. i said so.

why does 30 matter? where does this all come from? i'm in a great place in life. i have a wonderful family, a cozy home and i'm healthier than ever before.

hmmm.... maybe all i need is a bit of ego massage to get me through.

but i still want to lose about 10lbs before the big day, which would happen if i were really a good vegan and not just a duchess.

ok. plan to lose 10lbs. and i will do it. if i don't, then i'll consider myself a failure at 30. i have a few weeks, but i'm not telling the day.

cardio- 5x per week. come on, just 20 minutes! 'lite' cardio even.
strength- as much as sarah can, but she'll be gone for a week :(
food- stop being a puss. lots of veggies and whole grains and no NO NO no fast food. not even veggie fast food.

ok. i won't put up my birthday, but i'll put my starting weight. atleast that will change, if my age won't.

here goes.

don't really want to do this.

its like admitting my worst darkest secret.

but come on, you could just look at the size of my ass and make a pretty horrific guess anyway, right?



as of this morning. that's the last time i EVER want to see that number.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Mighty Texas

got back from the always lovely Dimmitt, Texas on sunday.
going to texas mentally constipates me. let me explain.

it's so damn hot that all you can do is sit there. seriously. i sat on the couch in the morning and didn't move until well after the sun had gone down.
feedlots. nasty awful feedlots. you'd think being around them all the time would be a meat deterrent for these people. nope. it spurs them on. the smell. the wind. the heat. those poor cows. ngaio loved mooing to them, but she'll know the evil truth soon enough... until then, moo away little cowgirl.
food. it's a law that all food in texas has either velvetta or mayo in it. all food. they even put mayo in cake. not a vegetable in sight other than iceburg lettuce and a mealy pale orange tomato drenched in ranch. which has mayo in it.
accents and grammar, plenty of the former. none of the latter.
don't get me started on politics!

so all of my senses are plugged up.

on the plus side...

ngaio had a great time with her second cousins. and i had a great time with my relatives. however i will start insisting that we will not visit in the summer anymore. god. it's awful.

ngaio saw some trains. i think she's a budding train nut. and she played with her cousin's magnadoodle. she impressed everyone but reading letters drawn on it. she also drew a z on her own and proudly screamed out "Z!!!". we bought her a magnadoodle in Roswell on the way home and she'll get it for her birthday. she also had a great time playing with the piano at her great aunt's house. it is so nice to find things she is interested in.

finished mil's christmas present and it turned out great. i'll finish knitting mark's sweater this week hopefully.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

veganlicious 2.0

oh. baked a lot today. i made orange scones and pumpkin bread this afternoon. i used vegan with a vengence and i'm really loving that cookbook.

i had a headache all weekend. yesterday i sat outside, determined to get some air and calm myself enough so it would go away. no sound. no tv. no knitting. no reading. i went really well except for the no sound. still, i was not going to let it bother me and used it as an exercise in patience and empathy and whatever else i needed to learn that day.

birds chirping. hummingbirds killing each other over our feeder. chainsaws. always a chainsaw. what's up with that. a noise like a sander. a big one. maybe someone is dragging their pine needles across the yard on a tarp. neighbors fighting. always fighting. what's up with that? atleast the chainsaw isn't from that direction. then the best sound of all. mama mama mama from dd waking up from her nap.

so what did i learn? i love our birds, maybe not so much the humming ones. i'm glad my marriage is better than my neighbors'. my daughter is the best thing ever.

and my headache went away.

i ran for the first time in 14 years today. it wasn't for very long. i don't think i've been more proud of myself lately. i could tell such a huge difference in my fitness level. i finally feel my body and what it can do. i'm making the connection.

today's totals:

yippee: didn't spend over my limit at the health food store... actually spent half!
ran. taught dd more animal words. cooked vegan treats

boo: forgot to drop off movie rentals on the way home, so have to make another trip.
made only baked goods and nothing with veggies today. argh.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


so it's not so easy... this whole vegan thing. i forget what comes from animals. secret ingredients lurking about. maybe its all those years of taking animals for granted. maybe i'm just lazy.

working out is going well. my whole body is SORE and i love it. last night i took measurements and will continue to do so every two weeks. not going to post them (for the whole ZERO people who read this) but i'll post how many inches i lose as i lose them.

vegan recipe of the week:

Coconut-Lime Noodle Yumminess

1/4 c. sliced onion
1 Tb. olive oil
1/2 grated carrot
1 zucchini, sliced how you like it
about 1 c. veggie stock
1/2 can coconut milk (i used 'lite')
1 lime, juice and zest

i think that's it

anyway. saute the onion and carrot in the oil. add the zucchini, stock, and the zest- let it cook a little bit. we don't want soggy, people! add the coconut milk and heat through. add the lime juice at the end.

yumm. with a bunch of m's. i ate it on noodles. rice would be nice. or quinoa. or anything, really.

knitwise i finished one of my mom's birthday socks using a beautiful custom dyed yarn from ashabee's fiber oasis . the second sock is almost to the heel (toe up ann budd pattern). the yarn is so nice to work with that second sock syndrome is NONEXISTENT. i've discovered the cure! good yarn! who knew?

now my favorite part:
things i liked today- dd slept in. we had a great time playing together today. lunch with mom and some friends. fixed transaction with ashley at the bank. finally.

not so nice- casa blanca is NOT vegan friendly, so i'm sure i consumed an animal product, but i really tried not to. it's a little too hot for my taste today. had to go to the bank and actually talk to a banker about a mistake the stupid bank made. dd preferred my mom over me most of the day.

and there are still hours to fill...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

rain, rain, ... never ever ever go away

loving the rain so much. mark's collection tank has filled up so many times. the garden is looking lovely and green! our squash and zucchini plants have taken over the front yard. i think we will expand their growing area, as the deer leave them alone and they are much more practical and pretty than a grass lawn. the mystery pumpkin in the back yard has three 3!!! melons! wow. i don't know how those seeds got there, but i love it! mom thinks they may be spaghetti squash. makes sense, the compost had some of that in it.

we were going to hike this morning but mark ripped his shirt in the car (very badly) and then mom and dad called for us to pick up dd. had a very quiet night without her! anyway, the new plan is a family hike tomorrow. then workout. ouch. still sore from thursday. i love that feeling!

had some great vegan moments this week. had some really really bad ones. can't wait to say 'i'm vegan' and not lie. old habits die hard! jaime and i found some great vegan cookbooks and i have picked tons of recipes to try. i don't know how people can feel that it is so restrictive. if anything, i feel OVERWHELMED by the amount of great recipes i've seen.

bad spending this week... bought clearance canvas shoes for dd to 'craft up'. very cute, but probably very unnessesary! bought another awesome sports bra (fiona from sierra trading post). i keep convincing myself that i WILL need a jogging bra. i highly recommend this bra if you are endowed as generously as i have been (the jogging, veganism, hikeing, working out should unendow, right?)

still not skinny. still positive. still getting healthier.

Monday, May 19, 2008

how long?

a whole lot of knitting. not so much exercising, very little of anything else good... and no writing.

i finally got my ravelry invite, so i post on there all the time. i haven't posted pics there either. i don't know what happened to me. i used to navigate around computers like it was second nature. now, anything that takes remote concentration baffles me. except knitting. cause i really like to knit. i don't like computers. i think it's an aversion to an ex-boyfriend that never got off the computer.

anyway. once i figure out how to get my blog on ravelry maybe i'll remember to write more.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

spring cleaning

something about this time of year completely changes everything inside of me.

although our spring is still far away, but the promise of it peaks through between snowstorms.

the house is getting a colonic, which is so therapeutic. we moved in while i was 9 months pregnant and nursing a broken ankle. last spring ngaio was too little and high maintenance, so little was done. this year i'm getting everything in its place and leaving it there. martha-izing, if you will.

i've been getting into simple living lately and starting to re-evaluate my life and my expectations from it. what makes me happy? truly happy? if everyone can ask themselves this question and answer it truthfully i'm sure that nobody would name material objects. i would like to believe they wouldn't! i'll bypass the usual proverbs on this subject. it's so cliche and such common knowledge, yet few people live their lives in this way.
so i'll try.
i wanted to come up with a list of all the things to change, but i'm going to focus on what i do already. it's more positive that way! plus, intentions are useless. i have plenty of them and very rarely so i take action and stand up for what i believe in. i'm not talking baout sit-ins and protests and drastic measures. daily things are where revolutions begin. shopping, eating, kind words to my family and friends, respect for other drivers on the road. if you sit down and think about it, it's not difficult, yet when you want to do more than think about it, it's so damn hard!

so the good stuff:

i bussed my table before leaving the restuarant at breakfast. i even placed all the coffee cup handles together so they could me grabbed easily.

i bought organic yogurt for my family.

i ordered the softest yarn i could find to make a beanie for my best friend's husband, who is getting a brain tumor removed. i don't know how to show my love and concern for him, but i can knit!

i helped with the dishes at my mom's house after lunch.

i watched 'women of ninja warriors' with my husband and actually enjoyed it, even though i didn't want to.

i wrote a thank you letter to my aunt Rita (for contributing to dd's coin collection), a congrats letter to my aunt Pam (she won her tax assecessor's election) and a letter to my inlaws and let dd draw on all of them.

and now i'm leaving to play cards with my grandmother who is moving to another state in a few weeks. it's her favorite thing, and i'm really looking forward to it!

see ya.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

horray for actually finishing!

i finished a plethoria of projects lately! my illusion scarf is pretty cool. it needs to be blocked and photo'ed! i also finished a bag out of the leftover brown sheep from the scarf. hubby was impressed that i used up leftovers, pshaw! he knows me too well.

i've started a pair of socks out of elann esprit. i love this yarn. i always thought elann was more of a novelty yarn supplier, but they have a nice selection. i've also ordered yarn for dh's mythical sweater, yarn for eunny jang's entrelac socks, and yarn for my next beast... norah gaughan's bonsai tunic for my sister in law. i'm fairly sure she won't read this, so it will remain a surprise.

my mil in nz sent an adorable summer suit for dd. she used a cute beatrix potter print that she got in the lakes district in england while visiting potter's house. today was somewhat warm, so i outfitted my little bug and off we went for a picnic and play at the park. then off to grandma's while i went to the gym. maybe my butt will start showing my hard work!

other than the flu-ish hubby, a great day!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last night my 15m. daughter was a bit cranky. nothing worked with her. it was really frustrating and i was about to rip all my hair out, then she puked all over herself. poor kid. its really horrible when you start getting angry at your baby and it was not her fault at all. every day is a lesson in patience and empathy. i feel i've come a long way in that direction, then this happens and i realize i haven't been as understanding as i thought.

i read most of dr ornish's eat more weigh less last night. its all fine and dandy, but i would rather not eat the dairy and eat nuts and olive oil occasionally.
dh wanted pie last night and i managed not to eat any, but i ate 2!!! pancakes this morning.
on sundays sometimes we go to a local cafe for breakkie or brunch. today i did not do that well, but the day is not over... however we are going to a movie later and that is the only time i allow myself popcorn (no butter, thank you very much!)

excuses excuses

knittingwise: i have a couple of projects going. an illusion scarf for my friend leah, a hat for her guy tony, a norah gaughan sweater for dh (read ME), and i would like to get some amigurumi done before feb comes along.

the norah sweater is 'kenobi' from knitscene spring 07. i love norah's designs. i think its safe to say that she is a genius. as amazing as the sweater is, i've managed to mess it up supremely. i used caron simply soft in dk country blue, but i only bought a few skeins. the package CLEARLY states NO DYELOT. this is the last time i will ever ever ever believe this claim. about two inches short of finishing the back, the color gets darker. of course i didn't notice until i finished a sleeve and half of the left front... dh says to keep going anyway... so i told him he wasn't allowed to wear it in public. which means I'M not allowed to wear it in public. as mad as i am at caron, i still Love the yarn despite its acrylic-ness. it is so soft and the color looks really good (both of them!)

the illusion scarf is from storm moon knits. i used brown sheep lamb's pride worsted in kiwi and charcoal. it looks amazing. i have finished the first two charts, the middle 50 inches and the third chart. one more to go! this pattern is so awesome! leah says she is sensitive to wool, so secretly i'm hoping that it will be too itchy for her and i'll get it back. of course this might mean i have to design a jack skellington illusion scarf in exchange. maybe i'll design it anyway and post it. good knitting karma!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It was bound to happen...

that i would start doing this. accountibility for knitting projects, things and feelings i don't want to forget, whatever.
anyway, i might have something interesting to say every now and then. time will tell.

this week, i started watching kids at our gym. my daughter loves the other kids, when they actually show up. i'm hoping that she will learn to interact with them well. i know it has been difficult for her being around grownups exclusively all of her life. so far so good. however, there were other kids there one day out of the three we were there. not so consistent.

the gym job has been a win win situation for me. i'm not making resolutions this year, but i have been tossing around ideas to make my body and life happier and healthier. approaching the big 3-0, a reunion, and the new life we made last year are pretty big milestones and i'm hoping to be well to enjoy what my life has to offer.

so here are things i hope to do, if not 100%, then to some high degree:

yoga everyday (thanks jaime)

workout @ gym 2 or 3 times a week

as vegan as i can manage

raw when i can

promote sustainability and be a good steward of my planet

not go to walmart (if you see me there, feel free to suckerpunch)

decrease yarn stash

paint paint paint

wanna join me on any of these pursuits?