Monday, November 15, 2010

hey guys. I'm trying to make this stupid blog link up with my gmail account and it won't, so I'll be setting up a new blog and actually posting on it really soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Ngaio finally has LMNO worked out in the alphabet song... but even more importantly, she's taken it upon herself to use the potty. Who said the twos were so terrible?

Knitting has become CRAZY in the last few weeks. Not that I'm really knitting MORE, I'm just finishing ALL of it. This is a nice new character trait. Finish what you start. (Let's see if it lasts!)

Mark brought home a HUGE box of prickly pear tunas and peeled them all last night. I'm thinking of stealing the frozen ones leftover from last year to dye some sock yarn. I kinda caught a plant dye bug when HPKCHC planted the seed. (that's not really much of a pun, so I'm not
going to ask for a pardon)

Anywho, I used tumeric and the results were stunning!
told ya...

I'll close with a few pictures of Ngaio's new friends... well, the snake is a regular. The lizard was a one off camping buddy. My girly girl ain't no sissy!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

nothing, really

This is an old photo, but I don't have much to offer today, so I thought I'd atleast throw some pretty pictures up.

Have you ever felt kinda empty? Maybe that's not the correct way to describe what's going on... but I'm just feeling blah. Like my heart is troubled or something. Kinda like when your feelings get hurt. But I don't think anyone hurt them. A mystery brain cloud. Out of sorts.

I've felt this way since last night and I'm not really sure what started it. Maybe I'm depressed. Maybe I'm not as happy as I usually think I am. I can take stock of what I have... great family, a home, food, blah blah blah. It doesn't matter. I just feel like I'm missing something.

It's not just mentally. Physically I'm BLAH too. Ngaio hasn't slept well all week, which in turn means Mark and I haven't slept well. I feel tired and achy and BLAH. I want to cry. I want to run around laughing. I want to clean my house completely out.

Is it the looming 31? No, I made my peace with aging. Somewhat, until I read Twilight and wanted to be a teenager again. But that's passing...

I keep coming back to this though-

Yesterday, on Ravelry (a knitting mecca I frequent), there seemed to be more complaining than usual. And NONE of it was about knitting. I got caught up in the drama of it all. Been tending to ignore and stay away from all drama for awhile now, but it all came crashing down yesterday and my feathers got ruffled. Don't get me wrong, I love a good debate. Especially because I'm always right! ;) It just seemed that people were throwing out very personal barbs to each other. Maybe I took something personally somewhere amid all the snarkiness. Anyway, I'm getting to a point...


I feel better.

Seriously. If you feel wronged, do something. Write your congressman, call your senator, volunteer, join an advocacy group.

Give money to a charity, take your kids out for ice cream and really let them talk about things. Listen and stop being such a negative CYNICAL adult.

laugh. let someone else go before you in line. smile at a stranger. say please and thank you. leave a big tip. pick up litter.

We all want to make the world better and rarely do we take steps to make it so.

I feel even better...

Get the bad out by doing good. Even if you can't help the situation in Iran or North Korea, you CAN donate some cans of food to a food bank. Or drop off all those hotel tolietries to a women's shelter. Or clean out your bookshelf and leave them at the library.


I have things to do now and so should you!

love you all.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

ah, summer...

i think that photo sums it all up. i think it sums EVERYTHING up.

how quickly we forget to take such pleasure in the little things.

here is some new yarn available at my store. please buy it! ;)

Friday, July 31, 2009


i've always been more cautious driving at the end of the month. i once heard a rumor that cops had a quota of tickets to write and the eom was a last minute scurry of legal fingerwagging.

MY eom quota is finishing up knitting projects that i've started, making sure the house is relatively straightened up and getting pissed at property taxes which drive my mortgage bill up higher and higher.

actually, i don't get too crazy about the taxes, i'm a closet socialist/communist so i can make my peace with that.

i don't really get that crazy about cleaning either. usually that comes with PMS and it mainly involves mark and his shit strewn about his side of the room. i have this thing with cleaning. i actually LOVE doing it, but won't if other people's crap are REMOTELY in the way. by this i mean, if i can see other people's crap everywhere. which i can. all the time. so if i see said 'crap' then i get lazy about my crap. such an inner struggle.

but the knitting thing...
it's part of my 'becoming a better person'. trying to finish what i've started.
and i'm doing pretty well. i will admit that i've frogged two sweaters this month, which i will resume with one when i can concentrate on it. the other one is TOO DAMN HARD. i know what you are thinking... but pacasha, vivian has tons of cables and looks really difficult blah blah blah. i know that. i love cables. just ask mark. apres surf involves COUNTING and DIVIDING and stuff like that. i can't do it. and the yarn i'm using scares the crap out of me. it's hemp and wool and laceweight. SCARY.

moving on:
I DID finish an endpaper mitt, so now i have a set.
and i made mark a bday present
and i seamed up my minimalist cardigan

and i started Tim's bday pressie. i'll also start a baby sweater for a cute little girl i watch at the RAC. but i have to finish that by monday, so it might get downgraded to a hat!

i also finished this, which i am thrilled with. so now it has to get cold so i can find some way to use it!

and i started Tim's bday pressie. i'll also start a baby sweater for a cute little girl i watch at theRAC. but i have to finish that by monday, so it might get downgraded to a hat!

i also finished up my sewing projects and cleaned off the kitchen table. imagine that!

my good things:

took bags to grocery store
using line to dry laundry
washed out ziplocks for reuse this week
eating from the garden
planted late season crops with mark
trying to live without air conditioning... just occasional fans and rolling down the car windows
waiting patiently for natural, safe laundry soap ingredients to be delivered
looked at yarn porn but DID NOT buy, in spite of the beautiful new sock yarns at knitpicks

my not good things:
chocolate doughnut(s)
didn't go to gym as much as i should've
i spent too much at fabric store
ate out more than we should
was not as calm in certain situations as i would've liked to be
bought diet coke even though i said i would drink iced tea instead. i'm a liar.

tonight i will redeem myself with a great workout and a pleasant attitude... unless i look at mark's mess. then all hell will break loose.

back to laundry!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

more more more!

I've decided to use caps. I'm not lazy afterall!

but i still hate it when PEOPLE YELL WHILE TYPING. come on!

Mark brought in a TON (not yelling!) of rhubarb this morning.

I made a crumble with it, but didn't get a picture of it, because it was THAT good! (not yelling!)

Here goes:

1 1/2 c. chopped rhubarb (1/4 in. slices)
about 5 sliced strawberries
two plums, diced

mix your fruit in a buttered baking dish. Sprinkle with flour and drizzle with agave nectar. yum.

use a fork to mash up about a half cup of oatmeal, half cup of brown sugar and a tablespoon or two of butter. sprinkle over the top. bake in a 350 oven just long enough to raise the temperature to a sweltering first ring of hell heat. about 30 minutes.

I still had 7 1/2 cups left to freeze.

ok, so i won't use caps. i AM lazy!

what i'm digging today:
my pandora station playing indian dance music
people who leave perfectly good junk beside the dumpster (hello, tarp and barrel planter!)
my parents for letting ngaio have a sleepover
the rain
my green tally:
i composted (broken record?)
line dried laundry.
i TRIED to make reusable pads today. massive failure.
but i'm not giving up that path!
ugh. too hot to think.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


what a lovely day.

i'll mention the bad part first, just to get it out of the way.

i didn't get to go to the gym. this morning proved to be too busy. tomorrow i'm gonna go though. no excuses. even if sarah doesn't join me because she's pissed that i didn't come today. i'll show her!

moving along...

mark brought in tons of squash, so for dinner i invented this:

i didn't come up with a name, so i'll leave that to you.

two squash, chopped however.
saute in olive oil.
throw in a few chopped mushrooms. cook until it smells like mushrooms.
chunk some spinach in and let it wilt.
get fancy and shred some basil. throw it on top.
get even fancier and add nasturtium petals.

ngaio liked the mushrooms the best.

even so, i had this many squash(es?) left, with more to come tomorrow. yikes. i dropped a few off at the neighbors house...

this was dessert. it was rhubarb coffee cake. the recipe is from MaryJanesFarm Magazine, issue "Making Hay." if you are not familiar with this amazing woman, i urge you to get your shit together. she's a goddess!

our rhubarb plants are outstanding, so i'll probably come up with a few recipes to post.
notice the killer sexy hot pad?

well, thank you. i think it's awesome too. is it rude to mention that i spun the yarn? AND i knitted it? (a whopping hour knitting time)

i'm really loving what my family accomplishes. tonight it hit me a bit harder than usual.

i chopped veggies on a board my husband made out of discarded cabinet doors. most of the veggies were grown on our property, including garlic and onions that were in the chili i didn't feel like taking a picture of...
we ate outside on a picnic table that i found beside the dumpster and that mark refinished BEAUTIFULLY. our dinner music was sung by our beautiful daughter. and i cooked it all!

my green tally for the day:

i remembered my reusable bags for groceries (duh)

i composted (duh)

i did the dishes in large bowls (from baking the coffee cake) and had mark water the garden with them (a first)

i ordered stuff to make my own laundry detergent (exciting! try it!)

well hell, i know there was more. time for sleep! or knitting... yeah, i'll knit.

tomorrow: painting the hot box and sewing reusable pads! (guys, get over it!)